So installieren Sie das Playlist Loader Kodi Addon in weniger als 5 Minuten

Hello everyone, follow this guide by kodi vpn to learn how to install Playlist Loader Kodi addon.

As its name is self-explanatory, Playlist Loader Kodi addon helps the users to create, customize and manage their content playlist like these kodi addons.

Make sure you use a VPN for Kodi while using this add-on to secure your online presence from hackers and spying eyes.

Playlist Kodi is a great addon for the binge watchers, as they like to pile up their favorite content. Follow this guide step-by-step to install Playlist Loader Kodi addon.

Playlist Loader Kodi Download Repository Zip File URL

Playlist Loader Kodi was available previously through SuperRepo repository but after that repository shut down, now is available in Kodil Repository.

You can download and install Playlist Loader Kodi directly to your system by following these steps:

  1. Download Kodil Repository Zip File.
  2. Open Kodi > Click on Addons > Click the Boxshaped.
  3. Click Install from Zip File > Browse and Upload the downloaded Zip File > Wait for the add-on to be enabled.
  4. Click Install from Repository > Kodil Repository > Video Add-ons > choose Playlist Loader > Click Install.
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How to Install Playlist Loader Kodi Addon on Leia or Krypton Versions

  1. Launch Kodi > Go to Settings > Click File Manager > Double click Add to install playlist loader kodi addon
  2. Click ‘None’ > Type this URL > Click OK > Give name to this source ‘Kodil Repo’ > Click to install playlist loader kodi addon on krypton version 17.6 or lower
  3. Strike ‘Backspace’ key multiple times to return to Kodi Main Menu > Click Addons > Click on Box icon from the top left corner.playlist loader kodi addon
  4. Select Install from Zip File > Select Kodil Repo > Click on zip > The repository will be to add playlist loader kodi addon
  5. Click Install from Repository > Open Kodil Repository > Click Video Addons > Select Playlist Loader > Click Install > The add-on will be enabled.playlist loader kodi addon setup
  6. Return to Kodi Main Menu > Open Addons > Click Video Addons > Click Playlist Loader > Enjoy!playlist loader kodi
  7. When you open Playlist Loader, click on Add a New List > Here you need to insert the name of the list i.e. World IPTV.
  8. Click on Remote URL List > Now it will ask you to insert the link, so copy and paste the URL
  9. If it asks you to choose List Log, then select Logo from File > Once you are done with these changes, open Playlist Loader add-on again > A new option would emerge by the name World IPTV, click on it and enjoy live streaming.

How to Install Playlist Loader Kodi Addon on Jarvis Version 16 or Higher

You can install Playlist Loader Kodi on Jarvis as well. Just follow this procedure:

  1. Launch Kodi > go to System > select File Manager > Add Source > None > Type this URL > OK > Type Name ‘Kodil Repo’ > Click OK.
  2. Go back to Kodi Home Screen > System > Addons > Install from Zip File.
  3. Locate and Click ‘Kodil Repo’ >
  4. Install from Repository > Kodil Repository > Video Addons > Playlist Loader > Install > Wait for the Playlist Loader add-on to install.
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How to Install Playlist Loader Kodi Addon on Fire Stick

Fire Stick users will have to install Kodi and Kodil repository first to install Playlist Loader Kodi addon. Users can start by following this firestick kodi guide.

The only change in the procedure is after Step 5, you will have to Go to Addons > Video Addons > Click Playlist Loader > Click Install.

Playlist Loader Kodi Not Working/Errors/Issues

Users keep facing errors with best kodi addons because of their illegal practices. Still there are certain errors related to playlist Loader Kodi that can be fixed. We have listed the errors with their fixes, take a look:

Playlist Loader Kodi Check Log Error

If Playlist Loader Kodi add-on is showing this error then the reason behind might be the ongoing add-on update or repository shutdown.


To fix this error, you’ll have to see whether the Playlist Loader Kodi 2023 source is still working or not. If the source is still active then an update might be in process. Wait for a few hours and try accessing the add-on again.

Playlist Loader Kodi Failed to Install Dependency

This error is related to the repository source, as if if the repository is not available or it has become obsolete then this error appears.


To fix this error, try using a reliable or official repository. So that you don’t have to encounter such error.

Other than these errors, you can keep your Playlist Loader Kodi away from errors then keep your cache clear and update your add-ons regularly.

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Playlist Loader Kodi URL List

Here are some URL Lists for different regions:

  1. German List
  2. Indo-Pak Content URL List
  3. US List
  4. UK List

The Wrap-Up

Playlist Loader Kodi add-on is something new and rare. It isn’t like the other add-ons that are used for viewing movie sports etc. Users use this add-on for managing media playlists. Users can download URL lists as well for viewing geo-focused content.

We have provided you a brief insight and Playlist Loader Kodi addon download procedure. Now you can download and enjoy stacking your favorite content playlists.

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