Beste Kodi-Gabeln für April 2023 – Top Kodi-Alternativen

Forks are an exact replica of the original version of application. Forks are developed by using the coding of the original applications and customizing them according to the user needs. It is easy to make forks of open source software and apps.

Kodi is an open source media player, which is why there are numerous forks of Kodi available. The best thing about these forks is the variety of platforms it can support. We have provided a brief insight on some of the best Kodi forks available with respect to their platforms. We tried to make this guide as comprehensive as best kodi addons and best Kodi VPN guide.

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Best Kodi Forks for Windows

Here are a few of the best Kodi forks for kodi windows users:

1) DVDFab Media Player

Download DVDFab Media Player Kodi Fork

It is a well-recognized fork of Kodi amongst the popular forks you can find. The main reason behind its success is its multi-platform. Other than windows, it can be used on platforms like android as well.

best kodi forks

DVDFab Media Player gained reputation amongst the great Kodi 17.3 forks and Kodi 17.4 forks. However, now it is amongst the popular Kodi 17.6 forks, making it prominent name among Kodi 17 forks.

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Download SPMC Kodi Fork

Semper Media Center is undoubtedly the most popular Kodi fork available today. Having great features, this Kodi fork has been used globally and preferred over other forks.

Best Kodi Forks for Windows

SPMC Kodi fork has been developed by Koying; a former android programmer for the Kodi foundation.

3) Kato Kodi Krypton Fork

Download Kato Kodi Fork

Kato Kodi Fork is an amazing thing to have because it is both a Kodi 16 and Kodi 17 Fork. It has a great community support available online, in case the user needs any help.

Kato kodi fork

4) LibreELEC

Download LibreELEC for Windows

LibreELEC is a Kodi fork that has been designed on Linux for windows users. It requires an SD card to boot from that works great. Its accessibility is similar to Kodi and it can also be added to the official Kodi application.

libreelec kodi fork

Best Kodi Forks for Windows 10

5) Xbian

Download Xbian

Xbian is a Kodi fork that can be installed on windows and it works great because it is fast and consumes less space. It was originally made for Raspberry Pi but it can be used on Windows as well.

Best Kodi Forks for Windows 10

6) Alienware Alpha

Download Alienware

This Kodi fork is amongst the best Kodi forks because it is a media box or in other words a console. It is similar to a Kodi Boxes and it can be installed on windows with ease.

Best Kodi Forks for Amazon Fire TV/Fire stick

7) FireMC

This Fork is amongst the best Kodi forks because it is highly preferred by users of Kodi 17.3. FireTV Guru developed FireMC, and it is compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick.

firemc kodi fork


Download STVMC Kodi Fork

This fork is developed by the Spinz TV developer; yes the popular add-on that many Kodi users are familiar with. Their add-on has been a popular and amongst the best Kodi addons and now they are here with a Kodi Fork. And there’s no doubt that this Kodi fork is amongst the best Kodi Forks.

STMC kodi fork

9) Jesus Box

Download Jesus Box for FireTV/Fire Stick

Jesus Box is a great Kodi Fork because it offers a 2-week technical support and it offers lifetime updates. It is a great fork if you are planning to replace Kodi on Fire Stick or Fire TV.

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Jesus Box kodi fork

Jesus Box is a perfect Kodi 17.6 fork, providing users the experience just like Kodi Krypton 17.6.

10) Terrarium TV

Download TerrariumTV

There are piracy concerns over Terrarium TV, therefore it is highly advised to use a Firestick VPN to stay secure while using this fork. All the streaming geeks are familiar with the Terrarium Kodi add-on, but now its developer have moved a step forward, creating a Kodi Fork. An application that behaves exactly like Kodi and can be used for entertainment.

terrarium tv kodi fork

Best Kodi Forks for Android

11) MyGica

Download MyGica Kodi Fork APK:

This fork is amongst the best Kodi 17 forks, specifically Kodi 17.4 forks. MyGica Kodi fork is built for Android devices. It is compatible with all the latest Android devices and provides a great experience.

MyGica kodi fork

It is not usually and easy task to find Kodi forks apk, but we have done that for you.

12) EBox MC

Download EBox MC APK

This amazing new Kodi fork comes up with a 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. This box allows users to go beyond their needs and stream whatever they wish. It works perfect with Android devices.

EBox MC kodi fork

13) Nodi

Nodi is another Kodi fork that works well on Android devices but unlike MyGica, it doesn’t runs on new versions. It is compatible to 4.4 Android. Nodi has its own directory path just like SPMC.

nodi kodi fork

14) Vdub Style MC 17.6 Krypton

Download VDub Style APK

This Kodi fork has been making headlines recently due to its amazing functionality and that is the reason why we put it into the best Kodi forks 2023 for sure. This fork can be enjoyed on android devices. So, replace Kodi with this and enjoy!

Vdub Style MC 17.6 Krypton kodi fork

Best Kodi Linux Forks

15) OSMC

Download OSMC Kodi Fork for Linux

OSMC is an open source media center that calls itself ‘a media center built for the people, by the people’. It is indeed one of the Kodi Forks for Linux users. Linux users are obviously unlike the users of other platforms and they find it difficult to stream their favorite content through different apps.

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osmc kodi fork

16) OpenELEC

Download OpenELEC Kodi Fork

It is actually an open source media center suite that is now available as a media center itself. It is programmed on Linux and it comes very handy for all streaming Geeks. Streaming Gurus have claimed it to be more innovative than Kodi VPN and that is for you to decide.

openelec kodi fork

Best Kodi Open Source Forks

17) MrMC

Download MRMC Kodi Fork

Since Amazon removed Kodi from their app store, MrMC took its place and earned great reputation. MrMC is a modified form of Kodi that is open source and can be used in any device. It has a 10 foot user interface for television and video players.

mrmc kodi fork

18) CEMC

Download CEMC

Community Edition Media Center is an open source fork of the famous Kodi and it can be installed alongside Kodi without any hesitation. There will be no problem or interference, as guaranteed by CEMC developers.

CEMC kodi fork

Best Kodi Raspberry Pi Forks

19) RasPlex

Download RasPlex

Rasplex is an affordable Kodi Fork for enjoying streams and all on your Raspberry Pi. It is a modified version of Kodi, especially for Raspberry Pi users.

RASPLEX kodi fork

20) OpenPHT

Download OpenPHT

OpenPHT is not just a Kodi fork, but it is also a fork of RasPlex. It is also designed for RaspberryPi users, but it can also be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac.

OpenPHT kodi fork

Best Kodi Vender or Device Forks

21) ZDMC

Download ZDMC

ZDMC is a Kodi fork developed by Zidoo Device Manufacturers and it has RK3368 chips, that Kodi usually fails to work on. Users can use ZDMC on these chips and they won’t be facing any issues.

zdmc kodi fork

22) WeTek Media Player

Download WeTek

WeTek is an excellent media center and a Kodi fork that enhances the user experience to a next level. Users can enjoy both WeTek boxes and software, just like Kodi.

wetek kodi fork

Best Kodi Old Forks That Wont Work Anymore

  1. Crystalbuntu
  2. E2BMC
  3. GeeXboX
  4. iConsole
  5. OpenBricks

Kodi Forks Download

  1. Download DVDFab Media Player Kodi Fork
  2. Download SPMC Kodi Fork
  3. Download Kato Kodi Fork
  4. Download LibreELEC for Windows
  5. Download Xbian
  6. Download FireMC Kodi Fork
  7. Download STVMC Kodi Fork
  8. Download Jesus Box for FireTV/Fire Stick
  9. Download TerrariumTV
  10. Download MyGica Kodi Fork APK
  11. Download EBox MC APK
  12. Download Nodi APK
  13. Download VDub Style APK
  14. Download OSMC Kodi Fork for Linux
  15. Download OpenELEC Kodi Fork
  16. Download MRMC Kodi Fork
  17. Download CEMC
  18. Download RasPlex
  19. Download OpenPHT
  20. Download ZDMC
  21. Download WeTek

Final Words

We have discussed some of the best Kodi forks for users that are amongst the best Kodi forks 2023. These forks are the modified forms of Kodi and they provide just the functionality experience as that of Kodi. However, there might be some adjustments and innovations, but there might be some glitches as well. Give it a try and let us know!

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