So installieren Sie IPVanish auf FireStick – Einfache Installation


Looking for a guide on how to install IPVanish on Firestick? Well, without a shadow of a doubt, you have made it to the right place!

In this step by step demonstration, I will walk you through everything you need to know about one of the most popular VPN  for FireStick– IPVanish!

Apart from the installation guidelines of IPVanish, this article sheds light vis-à-vis the star features and also elaborates a simple procedure for testing it up on Amazon Firestick, once it has been set up.

You will find exactly what you came looking for, without further ado, here`s a simple step by step process of installing IPVanish on Firestick to go AWOL whenever you want!

How to Install IPVanish on Firestick?

Gone are the days when installing a VPN onto your Firestick proved to be a daunting process. At present, the process is as similar to downloading Subway Surfer on your phone, since IPVanish is the amongst the first VPN providers whose application is available (for free) to install on the Amazon Appstore!

By following the below mentioned easy steps, you can download the application in a flash.

  1. Open up your Firestick and navigate to the Search option on the menu along the top left side of the homepage. The screen will look like a magnifying glass with letters A to Z appearing below
  2. Locate the search bar by navigating across the letters and enter “IPV” in the bar
  3. On writing IPV, the search bar will give you a list of words. Scroll down and click on IPVanish
  4. The subsequent screen will contain few details about IPVanish and an Install Click on the button
  5. On installing, you will be asked to enter the Usernameand Password. Sign in to proceed
  6. Once you are done signing up, click on theLogin option and start using your IPVanish App
  7. You can select the Connectbutton in your newly downloaded application. Your streaming device might send a connection request. This message will inform you that IPVanish wants to monitor your network traffic. Click on OK to proceed. If you want to switch off the VPN, hit the Disconnect button

How To Test If IPVanish Is Working On Amazon Firestick?

If you want to test whether your IPVanish VPN is working on Amazon Firestick or not, follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the Amazon app store and download Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. Both the browsers are entirely free to download and use
  2. Now hit the connect option in your IPVanish for establishing a connection
  3. Launch the downloaded browser by entering this URL-
  4. When you reach the website, you can view the IP address and location. If IPVanish is working, won’t be similar to the one you already have
  5. Lastly, choose the standard test and ensure there are no DNS leaks when using your VPN

Is it Important to Use a VPN with Firestick?

While it isn`t compulsory, it is best suggested always to use a VPN with Firestick. Since most people believe this is just another unnecessary cost that might slow down Fire TV’s internet connection. Here`s a list of few reasons that suffice to establish why it is necessary never to use Firestick without a VPN.

Ease of Using Public Wi-Fi

One of the main attractions of a Firestick is its portability, as the little box can be carried wherever required. Nevertheless, this also means that you will be using public Wi-Fi in restaurants, hotels, and other such places, which is extensively insecure and unsafe!

However, if you happen to use a VPN, its encryption will allow you to use your Firestick on these new networks without worrying about even inch of your data being leaked!

Access to Content Abroad

With the massive shoot in cyber crimes and other digital privacy concerns, many websites prefer to isolate themselves to a particular region/country for security reasons. Since they can only be accessed from an IP address that the server allows, entry into such websites is impossible unless you are present in that region.

A VPN not only secures your data but also changes your IP address, these applications/software tend to be a top choice for a vast number of geo-restricted users to bypass the servers and access restricted content from wherever required.

Safety and Security

The Firestick is created on a version of the Android Operating System called Fire OS. While Android is greatly popular all around the world, it also is notoriously insecure and unsafe.

Firestick users are, as a result, open to attacks from hackers along with ISPs, surveillance from governments, and other such organizations. Using a VPN, you can save yourself from all these risks.

Why Is IPVanish a Better Choice for You?

Despite the fact that the industry is now laden with a plethora of VPNs, IPVanish is undoubtedly one of the best VPNs for Firestick.  I`ve got some solid reasons to back this claim up!

This VPN comes with an official add-on available in the Amazon App Store, which makes it easier to install and run. The application has especially been designed for Firestick users and was one of the first among a few VPNs to provide dedicated software for Amazon’s device.

Moreover, when it comes to Kodi users, IPVanish imposes no restrictions on data amounts as well as the types of files you use. IPVanish on Kodi servers pretty  well as it unblocks the geo-restricted Kodi addons as well.

It is known as one of the securest providers in the market as it comes with an AES 256-bit encryption that is virtually breakable. It has security features like DNS leak protection that takes care of your personal data. If smart and smooth streaming is what you yearn for, then this VPN is definitely the one for you.

That brings us to an end. Did you find this article useful? If you have any queries and suggestions, let us know by leaving a comment below.


  1. It has 1300+ Servers in 70+ countries.
  2. Military Grade AES-256 bit  Encryption.
  3. Supports 8 different operating systems and devices.
  4. Integrated Kill Switch feature .


  1. Under 14 Eyes Jurisdiction
  2. It is offering a 7-day money back guarantee only.


IPVanish is undoubtedly one of the best VPN providers int he industry and its features prove it. Instant connectivity, high-end security and seamless speed is what is expected form a top notch VPN provider. Despite all of it amazing features, there is one thing that concern me; it falls under 5-eyes jurisdiction.

Other than that, there is no such thing that would stop me from recommending this VPN to my readers. GO ahead, try this VPN and I hope you will have a great experience with it.

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