So installieren Sie das nicht sichere Kodi-Addon in weniger als 3 Minuten

All those folks who wish to have everything under one roof, ‘Not Sure’ Kodi is for them. Users can follow this guide to download Not Sure Kodi Repo and see how to install Not Sure Kodi addon.

“Not Sure” is not an expression, is an all new addon among many kodi addons for users that’s packed with everything. When we say everything, we mean Movies, Sports, TV Shows, Kids shows etc. Not Sure Kodi is taking the Kodi community by storm.

There are multiple Not Sure Kodi download and installation procedures. This guide by Kodi VPN will provide you a walk through.

Not Sure Kodi Download Zip File URL Repository

Not Sure Kodi repo can be downloaded directly from this link.

If you wish to install Not Sure Kodi addon directly then download Not Sure Zip file in your device. After downloading the file, follow these steps:

  1. Click AddOns > Click on the Box icon.
  2. Click Install from Zip file > SEDUNDNES > > Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  3. Install from Repository > Click seduNdnes Repo >Go to Video add-ons > Select Not Sure > Hit Install > Wait for add-on enabled notification.

Not Sure Kodi download is that easy! Enjoy.

How to Install Not Sure Kodi Addon on Krypton Version 17.6 or Lower

  1. Open Kodi > Click on Settings icon > Open File Manager > Double click Add to install not sure kodi addon
  2. Enter > Click OK > Name this source SEDUNDNES > Click OK> Click to install not sure on kodi krypton version 17.6 or lower
  3. Go back to Home screen > Go to AddOns > Click the Package Installer icon.not sure kodi
  4. Select Install from Zip file > Click SEDUNDNES > Click > Wait for Add-on enabled notification.not sure kodi addon
  5. Install from Repository > Click seduNdnes Repo >Go to Video add-ons > Select Not Sure > Hit Install > Wait for add-on enabled notification.not sure kodi repo
  6. Not Sure add-on is installed and ready to use > To access Not Sure Kodi go to Add-Ons > Click Not Sure.

not sure kodi download

How to Install Not Sure Kodi Addon on Jarvis Version 16 or Higher

  1. Open Kodi > Click on System > Open File Manager > Add Source > Enter this URL  > Click Done.
  2. Name the source SEDUNDNES > Click Done > Click OK > GO back to the home screen.
  3. Click on System > Click Addons > Click Install from zip file > Select > Wait for the notification to appear.
  4. Click Install from Repository > Click seduNdnes Repo > Open Video Addons > Click on Not Sure > Click Install > Wait for the notification > Enjoy!

Not Sure Kodi Not Working/Errors/Fixes

Is Not Sure Kodi not working? Or are there any installation issues, scroll below to fix them up!

Not Sure Kodi No Streams Available

This error means that the stream you’re looking for is either new or too old to retrieve for Not Sure Kodi.


To fix this error, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Main Menu> Tools.
  2. Click on Clear Providers> Yes> A notification ‘Process complete’ will appear.
  3. Now Clear Cache> Yes > A notification ‘Process complete’ will appear.
  4. Click General > Providers Timeout> Lower it to 20> Click OK.
  5. General> Playback > Turn off Hosters with Captchas> OK.
  6. Tools menu > Subtitles > Enable Subtitles > OK.

Not Sure Kodi Failed to Installed Dependency

This error occurs when there are issues with the version of Not Sure Kodi. There are multiple hosted domains offering a single repository. Many of them are outdated and thus they fail to install. Not Sure Kodi not working is not something to be afraid of.


To fix this error, use a trusted source, preferably the official site because you’ll find the updated version there.

Not Sure Kodi Addon Reviews

Not Sure Kodi Add-on really is an amazing thing. You can stream whatever you wish. However, there are always users having mixed response to every add-on experience. Let’s take a look:

This user is being sarcastic about the name of this Add-on, and it so obvious. The name is itself an expression that can confuse us.

not sure addon review

Two things are inevitable, satisfied customers and satisfied add-on users. You can’t just satisfy every users. There will always be people ready to complain. This user is concerned about the space that this add-on covers and also the fantastic kodi addon.

not sure kodi review

Here you have it; such error keeps on popping up. Now we have told you the reason for it.

not sure addon reddit review

Not Sure Kodi Addon Password Login

Not Sure Kodi password login is required to access Adult (18+) content.


Not Sure Kodi add-on is a one-for-all package. Equipped with the variety of content, this add-on surely has the potential to steal the spotlight from all other kodi add-ons.

Fire TV guru has come up with something extra ordinary this time and as we see, it has started earning some serious recognition in the market. However, we will have to wait and see whether it stays updated or goes out of the game.

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